In the mid-1960s, photojournalist Ernest Cole set out to document life under apartheid in South Africa. He was arrested, and fled South Africa in 1966, and published House of Bondage in 1967. The NYU Grey Art Gallery is holding the first major show of his exhibitions, and we’ll be talking about the exhibit with Joseph Lelyveld.

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In Syria’s civil war, a conflict with many villains, a group of first responders called the Hanano Civil Defense team are doubtlessly the good guys. They are one of the last hopes for civilians caught on Aleppo’s front lines: after a bombing, they’re first to the scene to evacuate the injured, retrieve and clean bodies, and fight fires. In June, the reporter Matthieu Aikins and Reportage photographer Sebastiano Tomada spent seven days in Aleppo embedded with the group, who are the last hope for civilians who find themselves on the front lines of war. Their story and images were published as this month’s story in the online magazine Matter, part of the publishing platform Medium. See the feature here.